SG Steffl Quality Pigeons "Made in Germany"
German Top Loft in club, provincial and one loft racing


When you think about Germany, you have always in mind: Mercedes Benz or Cars in general, Sauerkraut and Beer. But pigeons coming from Germany is not in mind of many fanciers of US.

SG Steffl (SG means something like a combination) consists out of Franz Steffl (59) and his son Martin Steffl (37 years old). Franz Steffl began with racing pigeons in age of 14 in 1974. Martin is a fancier as he could walk to the loft himself. In former years the results were not so good. In the 90s some championships could be won, but every year it get worse due to a lack of quality or the pigeons.

In 1998 Martin says to Franz, either to stop racing pigeons or do it better and succesful. They get rid of nearly all pigeons and start looking for better material. That was found in the Janssen pigeons of a regional fancier and a super breeder one could buy from Eijerkamp and Sons. Start was made. With some crossings of other lines the first good pigeons could win in 2001 the club championship. But it was not enough, so several trips to top fanciers in Belgium, Netherlands or Belgium were made in the following years. Always for looking for better pigeons.

Always new birds were introduced in the colony, tested and if good enough they were integrated in the breeding loft. Since 2005 Franz and Martin were all years in top of the provincial championships. 2007 was a special year for them. They could win with place 23 on national level first time a really top position against all 35,000 lofts in Germany. And their new foundation cock "GOMEZ" was born.

This ACE was a top racer himself, but what his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren won in the last 10 years was really awesome! "GOMEZ" is a nearly pure Janssen cock out of the old lines. Crossing with other lines like the pigeons that came from 2010 from a close friend near the Netherlands (Gerd Zillekens) or nearly any other line, Franz and Martin became one of the best lofts in Germany and in One Loft Racing Level also top players on international level!

In moment one can say there are 4 base strains:

         The old Janssen-strain and the old base breeder "Dark Eijerkamp"

         "GOMEZ" and his children and great grandchildren

         The "Zillekens-Line", pigeons for 400 800 km in very hard weather

         A top breeding daughter of "DE GUST" from Ulrich Lemmens

5th Top Strain Franz and Martin starting to introduce in 2015. This are pigeons coming from the Belgium Star Loft Dirk van den Bulck. This fancier and his pigeons put in only 10 years a big stamp in the racing pigeon world. Having 1st national ACE with his famous "KITTEL" or "Olympic Rosita" which was Olympic Pigeon in 2013 (she is also mother of KITTEL and his famous brother GREIPEL) or the top breeders of the colony "GOEDE RODE" and "BRO GOEDE RODE". These pigeons crossed with the GOMEZ line brings up an amazing number of 1st prizes and Top-Positions in last 4 years!

This are the most remarkable championships won by Martin and Franz in last years (only national and provincial on club level all years champion since 2008!):

         1st provincial champion 2019 with old birds

         1st provincial champion with yearling 2019

         9th NATIONAL Champion "Die Brieftaube" 2019

         10th NATIONAL champion "RV-Club Champion of Germany" 2019

         1st Ace cock in province 2019

         1st Ace hen in province 2019

         Best cock, 3rd best cock and 5th best cock in province 2019

         Best hen and 2nd best hen in province 2019

         Best yearling hen in province 2019

         1st provincial champion 2018 with old birds

         1st provincial champion with yearling 2018

         1st provincial champion with youngbirds 2018

         15th NATIONAL champion "Die Brieftaube 2018"

         3rd Ace cock in province 2018

         1st Ace hen in province 2018

         Best yearling hen in province 2018

         1st and 2nd best hen in province 2018

         19th NATIONAL champion with yearlings 2017

         1st provincial champion with yearings 2017

         Best YEARLING cock in Province

         44th NATIONAL CHAMPION with Yearlings 2016

         1st Provincial Champion with Old birds 2016

         1st Provincial Champion with Yearlings 2016

         1st Provincial Champion with Youngbirds 2016

         1st Ace Cock in provincie in 2016

         Best cock in province in 2016

         Best yearling hen in province 2016


As you can see all championships in last years and also years before could be won by Franz and Martin Steffl in Club Level and also in provincial Level (over 300 members!!).

Due to this fact and get some more motivation in pigeonsport Franz and Martin decided in 2014 to start in One Loft Races. As they could see in first year, the common normal program pigeons that fly from 100 700 km are not the best for one loft racing. That's why they were looking for better pigeons. But they did not buy "paper", that means no pedigree, they bought ace pigeons, top racers and winners of one loft races. A big number of winners, ace pigeons and top racers. As they now have around 30 breeding pairs which only breed youngbirds that go to One Loft Races all over the world. And in last year shows also that there were top results when crossing ace pigeon and winner lines from the one loft race breeders with the pigeons from program racing.

The program racing pigeons in Germany have to go 13-14 weeks, each week, non stop, in the basket. They fly 300-400-500-600 km races every week. From the begin of June there are only 2 races under 300 km. For the provincial and national championship in Germany you need: 4 x 400 km, 1 x 500 km and 1 x 600 km race result. With the ace pigeons there is 1 x 300 km, 4 x 400 km, 1 x 500 km and 1 x 600 km ! And that is maybe the secret why the German pigeons are so successful in one loft racing all over the world! Because also in One Loft Racing the pigeons are going every week in the basket, non stop!

After getting top material and crossing them with the local lines in 2015 and 2016 first top results showing up and they could win sensationally the title of


Also the title for most prizes in FCI Finals 2015/2016 could be won!

In 2018 they could win the VICE-WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FCI one loft races (4 races and 2 races) and Franz and Martin are only one of 3 lofts that could win the "CARLOS MARQUES PRATS" trophy for having 4 best results in one loft racing of 2 years (2017-2018!!).

Here are the best results in finals and semifinals in last years in One Loft Races:

         1st Prize Final 420 km and 6th Ace Pigeon DERBY SOFIA 2017

         1st Prize SEMI Final FCI DERBY MIRA Portugal 280 km in 2018

         2nd, 8th , 31st and 79th place (4 in TOP 100!!!) AS GOLDEN PIGEON RACE Greece 390 km in 2018

         2nd prize final Race 405 km Derby Arad 2016

         3rd prize and 52nd Prize final Race SOFIA DERBY 420 km 2018

         3rd Place in final DERBY SOFIA 420 km in 2019

         3rd Prize in FINAL RACE 315 km and 2nd Ace-pigeon Derby Luzenze 2016

         4th place in half final 342 km DERBY CARTAXO in 2019

         4th place Semi Final Derby Sofia 280 km in 2019

         4th Place in final 512 km DERBY CARTAXO 2019

         4th prize SEMI Final 280 km ONE LOFT RACE SOFIA 2016

         4th Prize Semi Final UKRANIE MASTERS in 2018

         5th and 61st place in final Quattro Talent 420 km in 2018

         6th and 24th place FCI FINAL Derby Horodnic 373 km in 2019

         6th and 60th place final 405 km Derby ARAD in 2018

         7th and 21st Prize in FINAL DERBY MIRA 350 km in 2018

         8th prize final race Dr. Kohaus Rennen Germany in 2016

         8th Prizes Final 405 km Final Derby Arad 2017

         11st place final DERBY KRAKUS 505 km

         16th prize final and 2nd Ace pigeon DERBY NITRA (330km) Derby Nitra 2016

         25th Place SEMI FINAL 515 km and 28th Place Final 525 km Derby Corabia 2018

         26th place final AS GOLDEN PIGEON RACE Greece in 2019 410 km

         28th prize FCI FINAL DERBY CORABIA 2018

         31st place final 550 km Balkanic Fair Play One Loft Race 2018

         42nd prize final race SuperStar Race 2017

         55th Place Finial Derby Moledo 2018 405 km

         69th and 104th place in SOUTH AFRICA MILLION DOLLAR RACE in 2019 550 km

         99th place and 10th Ace Pigeon 505 km GOLDEN RACE ALGARVE 2018

         146th, 195th and 201st prize final race GOLDEN RACE ALGARVE 505 km in 2017

Seeing these results you have to remember that these are only the top results in the biggest one loft races and the top results in finals and semi finals. Many more top 10 positions in all
HOT SPOTS could be added, but that will be too much.