Ulrich Lemmens, Balen (AntwerpBelgium) … Never a bloodline had such a big impact in such short time than the famous “Gust-Dynasty” had on the USA. The percentage of winners is just amazing and we are more than proud to offer you again a very selected group (5 pigeons) for sale from the youngest National KBDB Champion Belgium ever had.


The 2019 season

While writing, the season is still going on in Belgium and Ulrich is at the moment dominating the last national races in Belgium. Some numbers to back this up:

10-08-2019 Chateauroux National Race 338 miles.

6377 Yearlings: 16, 16, 31, 37, 54, 93, 96, … 15/21

22476 Youngsters: 23, 28, 34, 36, 48, 99, 100, 103, 207, 216, 262, …

15 X Top 103 National ! This is just unique !


Another Highlight must be “Belgium Steel” 6066075-2018. She did a stunning 5250 racing miles in 4 month period. With 428, 448, 500, 466, 416 miles IN A ROW. It made her the 4° Best Bird of Whole Belgium on the one day long distance. But Ulrich living on the longest distance of his country, makes this even more special.  There is no better prove than this how strong this “Gust-Dynasty” is and how all round skilled they are.


Impact USA

Flying Pilgrims bought at OUR SNOWFEST 1 pair from Ulrich with the following results:

Equel 1st Prize 353 miles Crooked River OLR + 10° Ace Pigeon !

Place Final Race VICTORIA FALLS OLR 384miles + 1° USA BIRD  (Inbred “Bettini”)

Chris Stevens 17° National Ace AU Youngsters 2017.

1° + 3° Prize WRC Auction Race 300 miles

Tom Famhie went overseas to the Island races of DERBY ARONA and was on the 1st drop, clocking 12th in the final. 

Jack Olsen build up a whole loft with a son “De Gust” and a child of “Peter’s Best” (Brother “De Gust”) winning the Big Apple Race (21 000$), 3° World Trace Race, 4° Queen NY Race and so many more.

Taranto Loft was on the FIRST drop of the HOOSIER CLASSIC 2018 being equal 1st. With a descendant of “LADY LEMMENS” of Ross Vacaro (Canada).

Don Riedel won the 2014 + 2015 HOOSIER CLASSIC 1st place with a decendant of Ulrich’s Bettini. 8° AU Hall Of Fame Yearling as well … Absolute AMAZING reference this is.

Dean Schults is DOMINATING his combine the last years, the results are just outstanding, one of the best clubracing lofts of the whole nation. The whole family is build up with Lemmens-Blood !

More fanciers with top results in the USA with the Lemmens-blood: Tim Macken, Steve Dietrich, Crazy Al, Bourgoin Fmaily, Jamie Tassard, Stephen Michael (SAMDR), Alvarez Family, PJ & Jones Boys (SAMDR), Charlie Kuehl, Cameron Polly, Alex Bieche, Carter Mayotte, Larry Bender, Don Lowe, Duane Kugler, … the list is just endless and this based on just the small number that crossed the ocean.




Ulrich never kept it a secret he is in love with our beautiful country and would consider a move to the US on his old days. Keeping the connection alive all year, he formed a “Dream Team” with some of his best USA friends to participate in a small number of One Loft Races around the globe.


Flying with proud for the American Flag this Team had the following top results in 2018:

6° International Ace Pigeon Golden Algarve

30° + 75° + 148° + 210° + 333° Place 4/5 birds in the money PATTAYA ONE LOFT RACE!

7 Times winner of HOT SPOT or Training Race in 2018 !

1° Prize Algarve Great Derby 2033 pigeons Training

1° Prize Derby Sevilla 1234 pigeons training 95km

1° Place HOT SPOT 1 Derby Sevilla 1225 pigeons 130km

2°, 13°, 15°, 16° 69, … Semi-Final Derby Sevilla OLR !

3° + 12° Place Semi-Final Thailand Grand Prix Race 2018

5° Place Kozieglowkie One Loft Race Poland 3204 pigeons

5°, 10°, 36°, 48°, 50°  Quarter Final Derby Sevilla OLR

16°, 75°, 86°  Final Race Derby Sevilla Spain

14°, 24°, 26°, 70°, 78° Ace Pigeon Overall Derby Sevilla Spain

42°, 122° Final Race Derby Algarve 414km started with 1992 pigeons !

46°, 214° (arrived 1 AM!!) Final Race Golden Algarve 505km, started 4934 pigeons !



For the 5th straight year Ulrich will join our auction, with just a small but very selected group of pigeons. As he always claims he brings the best, in his case it aren’t just words, but the facts are here.

Last edition he brought in 6222173-2015 “Jozef” he was sold as one of the highest prized birds to the lofts of Don Lowe. In the current season Ulrich won with a daughter 6066122-2018 6° Prov. 12° Prov. 16° Provincial 300-500 miles making her currently the 11th best All Round bird of whole Belgium.


Many of the above references are birds bought at our Snowfest. We are very proud to be a bridge between USA and Europe and help our friends get the best of the best to improve there foundations.