Rock River Valley Racing Pigeon Club
2018 SnowFest Auction

Live Auction - Saturday, November 10th, 2018

Days Inn
2105 1st Ave. (Rt.40), Rock Falls, IL


2018 SnowFest Auction Birds
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Birds will be listed for two weeks prior to the Live Auction on
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Live Auction Saturday Nov. 10th **
Birds on display at 10:00 am - Auction starts at 12:00 pm sharp

Birds purchased by credit card at the Live Auction
will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee.
Credit extended by the RRV Club with prior approval only.

A Brief History of SnowFest

Special Guest Consignors  ....

R.A. Bakker and Son – Ruud Bakker, Veenendaal, Holland
M&C Hansen – Martin & Christian Hansen, Noerresundby, Denmark
Ulrich Lemmens – Balen, Belgium
McLaughlin Lofts – Frank McLaughlin, Hanson, Massachusetts
Nanez Family Lofts – Rick Nanez, Frederic Wisconsin
Ivo Renders – Geel, Belgium
R.A Bakker and Son - Veenendaal, Holland, This father and son team, Dolf and Ruud Bakker have fortified their loft with the, “best of the best”, by selecting from the elite bloodlines of the Gerard Koopman pigeons. Top results and superb quality are the results. And, when Koopman himself wants to co-breed with the pigeons of his own strain of the Bakkers, that says it all. Pigeons from the line of the famous “Panamera”, “Vitalis”, “Jerson”, “Arabella”, “Lady Promise”, and “Golden Dirk”, will provide top shelf breeders to select from in this sale.
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M&C Hansen - Martin & Christian Hansen, Noerresundby, Denmark. The breeding loft of M&C Hansen is based on the fantastic pigeons from Gaston Van De Wouwer - Dirk Van Dyck - Stefaan Lambrechts - Jos De Klak - Louis Van Loon! These pigeons have now for 7 seasons made a huge difference on the loft of M&C Hansen and their friend and partner Henrik Meldgaard. In combination with other new strains the two lofts have achieved in average about 25 x 1st prizes each year and won many championships in their sections.
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Achievements of M&C Hansen 2007-2018: 90 x 1st prizes in the races from 200-900 km in the section against around 100 fanciers.
Championships: From 2011-2016 they won the middle-distance championship 5 years in row - first time in the history of their section.  Read More Information
Ulrich Lemmens - Balen, Belgium. The Kid Is Back ! Ulrich Lemmens did it again !
2018: 1st National Zone Chateauroux 338 miles 6511 pigeons, 3rd National Chateauroux 388 miles 27081 pigeons, 3rd National Zone Chateauroux 340 miles 6511 pigeons, 4th Fastest Chateauroux 45581 pigeons 338 miles, 7th National Chateauroux 27081 pigeons 340 miles, 4th Provincial Vierzon 1717 pigeons 306 miles, 5th, 15th Provincial Valence 429 miles, 8th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 51st Provincial Blois 2744 pigeons 302 miles, 10th, 97th Provincial Limoges 428 miles, 14th, 26th Provincial Libourne 500 miles. References of Lemmens-blood on one loft races ! Car Winner Million Dollar Race – Engelbrecht Family, 1st Place MIRA One Loft Race Portugal 2017 FCI – Pereira C & A, 1st Place Grand Prix Sofia FCI 2017 – SG Steffl, 1st Place Hoosier Classic 2015 – Don Riedel, 1st Place Danish Pigeon Race FCI 2016 – Djarte Alvaer,1st Place Hoosier Classic 2014 – Don Riedel, 1st Place Training Belgium Masters 2017 – Ulrich Lemmens, 1st Place Grain Belt Classic 2016 – Jim Swierczek, 1st Place French Young Bird Derby 2016 – Joe Elcoate, 1st Prize River Valley Roundup 2016 – Charlie Kuehl.
No Bloodline The Last Decade Had Such Big Impact In Our Country!
Ask: Don Lowe, Jim Gabler, Don Riedel, Tim Macken, Carter Mayotte, Turk Brand Syndicate, PJ Lofts, Jones Boys, Jim Scierczek, Charlie Kuehl, Crazy Al, Dean Schultz, Jack Olsen, Big Andy, Ross Vaccaro, Bill Weima, Stephen Michael, Christian Stevens, Cameron Polly and so many more ….
McLaughlin Lofts - Frank McLaughlin is a man that wears many hats! He is the largest importer of racing and fancy pigeons into North America, a Supply Agent for PIPA and master planner for McLaughlin Lofts breeding and racing success.
Frank has been a keen pigeon fancier since he was seven years old and has always been aware of the value of the best bloodlines available. For nearly 40 years, McLaughlin Lofts has been at the top of the sport in the powerful Boston Concourse. Frank has won every possible Concourse and National prize, and his pigeons are winning races in numerous countries. McLaughlin Lofts pigeons continue to dominate major futurities and National awards each year, in all climates around the globe.
Frank’s long-standing success is due to his ability to track down the premier pigeons on the world stage. Since the late 1980’s, Frank has had numerous opportunities to visit the top Belgians and many other famous fanciers. McLaughlin Lofts has not only imported birds from these lofts, but also has become close with the Masters of the sport. Frank is recognized as one of the most respected pigeon fanciers in the United States.
For more information, please visit our website:
Nanez Family Lofts - Rick & Renee’ Nanez, Frederic, Wisconsin-USA. Rick began actively racing in 1971. Nanez Family Lofts has scored over 500 top 10 wins in one-loft racing since 2010. They were U.S. National One-Loft Champions: 3rd in 2014, 2nd in 2015 and 1st in 2016. Many top one-loft contenders have utilized NFL as a source for success. Though select micro-groups of Houbens, Kannibaals, T. Daums, Vandenabeeles and various other key families are housed at NFL, approximately 1300 of the 1500 birds on the property are down from ‘Constans’- a one in a million pigeon from the Alfons & Helmut Klaas bloodlines.
Ivo Renders - Geel, Belgium. BEST LOFT OF BELGIUM 2014-2017 !!!! 8th National Champion KBDB Grand Middle Distance 2017, 4th National Champion KBDB Grand Middle Distance 2016, 5th National Champion KBDB Grand Middle Distance 2015, 3rd National Champion KBDB Grand Middle Distance 2014, 2nd National Gueret 12,516 birds, 2nd National Montlucon 9,462 birds., 2nd National Chateauroux 2,108 birds, and 2nd National Argenton 22,712 birds. He will be offering birds from his best at 2018 Snowfest !
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2018 SnowFest Catalog

- Birds will be listed on for approximately two weeks prior to the live auction. (Please note the Live Auction date is incorrect on the pigeonauctions sale lots. The Live Auction is Saturday, November 10th, not the 9th)

-Be our guest, evaluate and handle the birds, visit with our guest consignors, and make your selections of top breeding stock from some of the best quality racing pigeons in the sport at the live auction!!!

-RRV has a block of 10 rooms reserved at the Days Inn, Rock Falls, IL for people traveling. Room cost $84.99 plus tax, if booked by Oct.10th. Make Your Reservations Early!!!
Call 815 626-5500 for reservations.

Friday Nov. 9th, 2018 Events
Days Inn--Rock Falls, IL

Friday Afternoon and Evening ...
1:00 p.m. Introduction to consignors, round table discussions with consignors, silent auction items on display, free time for attendees for dinner, etc.
-Andy Warclaw from W M Imports will also be on hand for your feed needs with Versele-Laga products. Visit for information.
6:00 p.m. Guest Speaker: Martin Hansen from Denmark, Appetizers, Drawing for 50/50 raffle winner, Winners of silent auction items announced. A few select pigeons from the consigners, not available within the main Snowfest sale, will be auctioned exclusively to Friday evening attendees.
Friday Night Auction Birds ****

Saturday Nov. 10th
Live Auction at Days Inn, 2105 1st Ave. (Rt.40), Rock Falls, IL
Birds on display at 10:00. Auction to start at 12:00.

-Dennis Kuhn from Pigeon Supplies Plus of Minnesota will be on hand at the Saturday live auction with all your supply and loft needs. Visit and let him know ahead of time on volume orders. Save big on shipping!

-Andy Warclaw from W M Imports will also be on hand for your feed needs with Versele-Laga products. Visit for information.

-After the auction, join us for dinner. Location and time to be announced. Responsible for own meal. Another great opportunity to celebrate, meet, and socialize.

-Please plan to attend all these events! We at RRV look forward to seeing you at this year's 2018 SnowFest with some of the best performance racing pigeons in the world!

Printed Catalogs, Mail and Phone Bids

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Ph. (815) 441-4601

Other Contacts:
Gary Whitebread (815) 590-1171
Doug Harms (815) 535-5205

The biggest and best auction in America for over 30 years!!!!

2018 SnowFest Catalog