MOS Race Rules

1.) The 2022 MOS race will be a three race series. Any flyer who flew the 2013 MOS race is automatically grandfathered in regardless of mileage.

2.) If not a member of a club on our trailer, birds must be shipped from the closest club on our trailer, ie, RRV, or MEM. Unikon and manual clocks accepted. 

3.) Each of the three MOS races will be entered and released with the regular combine race and will not need to be basketed separately.

4.) Race dates for the three race series will be 8/14 Unionville, Mo, 8/27 St. Joseph, Mo. and 9/10 Topeka, KS with basketing the day before for each race.

5.) There is a $10.00 entry fee per bird entered for all NON-Combine members to have their birds run through the auction.

6.) Bidding on live birds will start at $15.00. Cards will start at $25.00. Breeder is responsible for opening bid. For every bird you run through the Live auction you may nominate another for a $40.00 fee. Breeder is responsible to get bird to buyer by May 1st!!

7.) Prize money has been running between $5,000.00-$7,000.00. Prize money 50% breeder and 50% flyer.

                         Race 1          Race 2          Race 3
1st place            $300             $400             $500       High Point birds for series - 1st    50%
2nd                    $200             $300             $400                                                  - 2nd   25%
3rd                    $100             $200             $300                                                   - 3rd  12.5%
                                                                                                                              - 4th     7.5%
                                                                                                                              - 5th     5%

RRV reserves the right to take GPS reading and toss bird for 1st three places.

8.) Races end sunset 2nd night after release.

For more information contact:
Gary Whitebread 815 590-1171