(Updated 2/20/07)


Article 1

Section 1. The name shall be the Rock River Valley Pigeon Club, Inc.

Article 2

Section 1. To conduct club activities for racing pigeons. To promote the sport of breeding and racing of pigeons and to conduct and join in
worthy efforts of others to elevate this sport to the highest plane of sportsmanship, competition, honor, and fair dealing.

Article 3

Section 1. Active membership: Any homing pigeon fancier of good character shall be eligible to be considered for active membership if they are within a 25 mile radius of the Sterling clubhouse. The exception is that we will consider a fancier for membership if that fancier has no other racing club closer to him or her.

Section 2. The right to vote, hold office, serve on committees, or to participate in the club’s regular races shall be the privilege of active members only.

Section 3. Proposals for new members may be made by any active member. A “yes” vote by a MAJORITY of members attending the meeting is necessary for election. The proposed new member has to be present at the meeting.

Article 4

Section 1. Any member wishing to resign from the club must tender his resignation in writing to the secretary, and must pay all indebtedness which may be due the club by him, and forfeit all rights and claims to the club.

Article 5

Section 1. The affairs of the club shall be administered by its officers, consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Race Secretary. All officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members at a fall meeting.

Article 6

Section 1. Regular, temporary, and publicity shall be appointed by the president who shall designate a chairman of each.

Article 7

Election of Officers
Section 1. The officers shall be elected annually at the fall meeting and shall serve for a period of one year. A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President before the fall meeting. The nominating committee shall prepare a list of nominees for each office. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the meeting and upon being made, and seconded, the President shall order that they be added to the list of nominees.

Article 8

Section 1. Club meetings shall be held the third Tuesday of the month except during May, June, August, and September. Special meetings may be held at the call of the President or by written request to the President by one-fourth of the active members.

Article 9

Section 1. One-third of the active members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.

Article 10

Section 1. Proposed amendments to the constitution shall be submitted to the membership in writing not less than thirty days before they will be voted on. All proposed amendments shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the active membership in attendance for adoption.

Article 11

Section 1. This organization shall not be dissolved without the consent in writing of three fourths of its members obtained at one meeting and confirmed at another meeting convened for the consideration of such dissolution, and on such dissolution, the assets of the club shall be disposed of to the best advantage, and the proceeds of the club, together with any surplus the club may have in the treasury, shall be donated to the American Racing Pigeon Union or to some worthy charity, as the members by vote may decide.

Article 12

Membership Dues
Section 1. Membership dues shall include the American Pigeon Racing Union dues, Midwest Association dues, and club dues. The club dues shall be fixed.

Section 2. Dues for each year are payable to the treasury by
February 1, with a sixty day grace period.

Article 13

Section 1. Every active member shall be entitled to one vote on every question coming before the club. No vote by proxy shall be permitted.

Section 2. Upon request by any member, any ballot shall be taken secretly.

Article 14

Section 1. A member accused of dishonorable conduct shall be citied to appear before the officers of the club, who shall investigate the charges and report them to the club, with their recommendations for action to be taken. Should the officers recommend the member accused be expelled, a special meeting shall be called and a ballot shall be taken, and if two-thirds of the votes cast favor expulsion; the member shall be declared expelled and shall forfeit all claims against the club.

Section 2. To suspend any member for shooting or otherwise maiming a pigeon to facilitate timing of a returning pigeon.

Section 3. Any member who knowingly cheats at club races shall be barred from racing for a period of not less than five (5) years.

Article 15

Filling Vacancies
Section 1. Should a vacancy occur in any of the offices, a special election shall be called to fill the vacancy, except in the office of the President, which shall automatically be filled at the next meeting by the Vice-President. Nominations for filling a vacancy shall be made from the floor.

Article 16

Duties of Officers
Section 1. It shall be the duty of the officers to fix and guide the policies of the club and to plan and administer all its affairs with the framework of the rules. To interpret all rules of the club and the AU, in which the officers findings shall be final, and to administer all affairs of the club within the framework of the Constitution and By-Laws in such a manner as in the judgment of the officers, may best advance the object of the club.

Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings when present, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, but without voting power.

Section 3. The Vice-President shall preside and assume and perform all duties of the President in case of his absence or inability to serve.

Section 4. The Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the club and to keep the minutes of all meetings.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall conduct the keeping of the financial books, keep a correct list of the members, issue all bands, and be custodian of all funds of the club.

Section 6. Race Secretary shall, with the assistance of a race committee, have charge of all details of every race and shall conduct same according to these By-Laws and such race rules as the club may adopt.

Section 7. Publicity Officer shall publish the activities of the club.

Article 17

Order of Business
Section 1. Roll call
Minutes of previous meeting
Reports of committees
Unfinished business
New Business
Financial report
Payment of dues
Good of order
Proposals for new members

Article 18

Section 1. By a majority of members present, various motions may be passed and become laws of the club; such motions shall not conflict with this Constitution and By-Laws and such motions must be entered in the permanent record of the club.

Article 19

Club Income
Section 1. All proceeds from club dues, auctions, raffles, etc., must go into the club treasury. No one individual club member or groups of members can profit from these activities. All income is to be used to the advantage of the entire membership. An exception is that any member who wishes to sell birds or other racing related items at auction by the club, will be allowed to do so at a negotiated percent for the club.

Section 2. All club expenditures, other than normal operating expenses, must be approved by a majority vote of members present, if such expenditure exceeds $200.00.

Article 20

Race Rules
Section 1. The Race Secretary shall be in complete charge of the race. The club shall adopt a set of race rules which will be binding on the entire membership.

Article 21

Junior Flyer Program
To help support the future of our sport by sharing with the young people, and teaching them about the sport of pigeon racing, and how to be a good sport and still be competitive.


1. Must have reached their 6th birthday by April 1st, and must not have reached their 18th birthday, prior to April 1st in the year they are flying. Seniors in high school are exempt from the 18 year old rule.

2. Junior member’s dues to the club shall be $1.00 per year.

3. Junior members shall have no vote in club affairs.

4. They shall compete for trophies, diplomas, and average speed in club, combine, and federation races.

5. They may not compete in any type of pooling, or money races.

6. If five (5) or more juniors fly any race, they will also compete for trophies, and diplomas among themselves.

7. Juniors may fly up to five (5) birds free each race. They may fly more birds at .40 cents each, provided they have paid Senior membership dues. Five (5) birds must be marked Junior for flying in competition with the other Junior members. (They still may not compete in any pooling, or money races.)

8. Junior members may add birds to their race team during the season, 
but these birds must not have been previously flown during that season by a senior member, or they will be disqualified.

9. Junior members are responsible that their clocks are wound and set , and that their birds are properly listed on entry sheets, and are ready for basketing when asked for.

10. Junior members are to act like ladies, and gentlemen, and be good sports among themselves, and senior members. They are members of the club, and therefore should be ready to help if requested so by a senior member.

Article 22

Section 1. The pigeons entered in the races while being shipped, are at the risk of the owners and at no time will the club or officers be responsible for them.

Section 2. All birds must home at the loft they are entered.

Section 3. The Constitution and By-Laws and Race Rules shall be posted in the club house. All members are required to sign for a copy. All members are requested to aid their fellow fancier and competitors in abiding by all rules. Therefore, let it be understood that ignorance of any rule is NO EXCUSE.